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Ash Armenta | |


I am currently working on developing a series in which I am exploring themes around queer futurism. This work envisions our amplified desires for connection, and queer entelechy manifested as faceted planes of color and image.


My most recent pieces in the series Arc and Furnace, both respond to the idea of emanating potential and possibility. Both are about envisioning vulnerability through a lens directed inwards to the ineffable universe of the self, cracked open, revealing a definitive core. Furnace is about expressing internal power, the utility of two human hands and the energy and space that exists between them when they create.


Working in screen print and stone lithography has allowed me matrixes on which I feel a responsiveness and satisfying saturation of printed color. As I build the prints from two to three dimensions, I am considering the objects transformation and union. I invite the viewer to experience the piece as a spatially unexpected object and hope to suggest the idea of a multifaceted possibility within oneself. I practice imagining internal power, as well as aspects of the self that reveal vulnerability in themselves as acts of queer resistance.

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