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Olivia Stevens

Through my printing process this semester, I focused my work in linearity and color, drawing from those basic elements to inform my process from concept to execution. Adding colored pencil to one piece, as well as using glow in the dark ink on a few others were some experimental decisions I made that I ended up being satisfied with, in how they added to my artistic vision. I also experimented with portraiture in all of my pieces, as I am often drawn to the human face and figure and how they can interact with a work of art. This, in part, was why many of the portraits remain faceless. I wanted this detachment to serve as a new way for audiences to interact with the art, distancing the portraits from reality. My work as an artist is also influenced by my life and the people in it. Each of these pieces contains connections to the people I am close to in overt or subtle ways, and they are part of what makes my work meaningful to me. Overall, I hope to exemplify a varied range of ideas and approaches while also remaining consistent with my artistic voice across other mediums, and I hope to continue with these goals in mind throughout my journey as an artist.


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