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Paulina Eguino is a first generation, queer, Latina artist from Los Angeles, California. She is a Posse Program Scholar currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and briefly studied abroad at Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy. Her concentrations are in glass working, screen printing and comics. She has produced graphics for “Yuyo Bros”, a successful food truck based in LA, and has exhibited work in the Chazen Museum in Madison, Wisconsin. Paulina Eguino permanently lives in Los Angeles but consistently travels nationally and internationally to produce work. ​​​​​​​

“Penises, asymmetrical nipples, leaky body parts, eyebags, indecency. The Penguino was born.”

My motivation to blur the lines and disrupt societal norms and pressures stems from the intersectionality of my minority identities. Physically, I am a 5 foot tall human woman -  in my work, I exist as a 6 foot tall, nude, birdlike bodybuilder and live among my creations. Utilizing my artwork as a method of processing, digesting and rewriting experiences, I thereby place authority and authorship back into my hands.

It is within my fictional realm that I possess the creative license to reimagine a radical world where genderless, diverse, salacious beings roam freely. Though my creatures are fictional, they are grounded in reality as they too encounter and relay universal human experiences such as heartbreak.

I employ solid line work to express the boldness of my creatures in a visually striking, graphic style. Always originating as two dimensional illustrations, I utilize lines as building blocks in my designs. At times the designs remain in two dimensions and proceed as comics and prints, at others they transfer to three dimensions as glass neon tubes. The materials themselves advance my work thematically and conceptually as I explore themes of societal norms and gender roles which teeter on the fringe of fragile and firm and is perfectly personified in the material of glass.

In both my illustrative and glass working processes, I enjoy working in physical layers. This layering of themes, materials, and visuals all operating together to fabricate one dynamic story or image. Collectively I channel this dynamic multi-dimensional style of illustration to embody my queer Latinx identity.


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