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Thanks to being raised by parents who are both artists, I have been engaged with the arts my whole life. I’ve always held a special fondness for drawing and painting, but it wasn’t until I was enrolled at UW-Madison that I truly discovered the world of printmaking. Now that I’m a junior and well on my way towards my Art Education degree, I feel that I have finally found the perfect combination for my drawings of birds, desire for clean images, and need for painterly backgrounds within the methods of serigraphy. Within this series I wanted to experiment with the image of a bird and how far I could deconstruct it, while still having my audience understand my drawings as bird-like. This semester has been a wonderful combination of drawing at my desk, making backgrounds on the floor of my room, and running over to the printing lab to make it all come together. In my artistic career I look forward to continuing to explore vibrant colors, collage materials, and deconstructing images.



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